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How to boot into Linux (Ubuntu) with Windows Bootloader? [duplicate]

How to boot into Linux (Ubuntu) with Windows Bootloader? [duplicate]

OK, so I had Windows Vista on a drive, and then installed Ubuntu Jaunty on another drive. When I did that, grub took over. I had many problems the first time and grub wouldn't load, it gave me an error 15. I fixed it with SuperGrub, but it broke my RAID (which didn't have any OS). I eventually got everything fixed up, and grub was working great.

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"I would suggest downloading EasyBCD. It makes editing the Windows Vista/7 bootload much easier by exposing it in a GUI. It supports adding a Linux OS into the bootloader as well as older Windows versions.

Additionally you can used the command line tool bcdedit.exe, but EasyBCD is much easier IMHO."