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How to Check whether a DVD Rom is Readable or Read/Writable?

How to Check whether a DVD Rom is Readable or Read/Writable?

My laptop comes with a DVD Rom, but I don't know whether I can burn DVD using it.

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"You can check the variety of logos and icons on the drive itself. Mine has a few of those (some of those are on the drive but only visible when removing it from the laptop; not everyone has a laptop featuring a removable optical drive, though so refrain from dismantling the laptop if that's not the case :-)):

DVD Multi Recorder (LG's marketing term for DVD burners that are able to write DVD-RAM as well)
R DL (I suspect I can read dual-layer DVDs)
Compact Disc ReWritable
RW, DVD+R DL (ok, I'm at a loss, maybe it can write dual-layer DVD+R media)

Not very self-explanatory in some cases, but figuring out the difference between reading and writing should be easy."
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"For Windows :

Use DVDInfoPro, just use the trial version, find out, and uninstall. Or pay if you like it alot.

For Mac :

Go to System Profiler, click on ""Disc Burning"", it should list out what you can read or write.

For Linux :

Use the dvd+rw-tools package, there's a command-line tool mediainfo that will tell you what your optical drive supports."