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How to convert or burn a .DMG image file on Windows?

How to convert or burn a .DMG image file on Windows?

What software can be recommended to burn a Mac created .DMG file on a Windows operating system? Ideally it should be free, or at least reasonably priced.

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Personally, I like MagicISO.
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"This is what worked for me:

I have Windows 7 64-bit and needed to burn a 6.36 GB 10.6.3 Snow Leopard image to a DL DVD on my PC to install on a Macbook Pro. I am no stranger to PCs as a repair technician, but I have little experience with Macs.

I used Power ISO 4.7 in Windows 7, selected the ""Tools"" and then the ""burn"" pull down menu. Point to the .DMG image file on your PC and have a DVD/CD in the burner big enough to hold the image, select your burn speed and that is it.

Hold the ""C"" down after you press the power button on the Mac and hear the Apple tone to boot to the new image.

I did use my Windows 7 DVD to wipe all partitions from the Macbook as that was what I was familiar with. I was then able to create a new partition with the Mac OS DVD I created."