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How to copy files from crashed Windows Home Server

How to copy files from crashed Windows Home Server

Just received a help call from my parents who are having problems with a machine at home running WHS. Basically there are some hardware problems with the machine, and the only thing that my parents know how to do is to buy a IDE-USB converter and attach the hard disk to another machine.

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"For future reference:

The problem is probably that the shares folder only contains the thombstones for the files. the actual files are in the hidden DE folder.

Using Folder Options in windows 7 you can access the DE folder and copy your files from there"
Guest [Entry]

"My guess, and before I read your comment was that this would be a permission issue.

Your best bet is to read the How-To Geek Article that adds a shortcut to Take Ownership.

I am very confused as to why the backup disk does not allow you to access it - could it be that this is the failure?

If it was something to do with Raid (software or hardware), that could be the cause, but I am surprised you can access the first disk if this was the case."