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How to delete some of the form data in Firefox

How to delete some of the form data in Firefox

I want to delete some form data in Firefox. At Tools > Clear Recent History... there is option to delete all form data, but I do not want to do that. I expected that highlighting the entry I want deleted and pressing delete button would delete the it, but that does not work.

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Guest [Entry]

"To delete saved form data in Firefox on a item-by-item basis:

Highlight what you want to be deleted in the drop-down.
Make certain that the drop-down remains on the screen.
Press Shift+Delete to remove that entry.

Note: If you click an item from the drop-down, it populates the input box and the drop-down disappears. If you highlight the text in the input box and press shift+delete, the only result is that the input box is cleared. Doing this does not delete the saved form data."
Guest [Entry]

"Update: No longer true with the new Webextension API. Form History control manages a separate history.

Use the ""Form History Control"" extension. Can automatically cleanup just the unwanted formdata."