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How to disable double tab to show available commands in Bash?

How to disable double tab to show available commands in Bash?

Is there a way to disable the double tab key behaviour (pressing tab twice shows available commands in Bash)?

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"Bash uses readline for completion and key bindings. You can set your own options in ~/.inputrc, and system wide options in /etc/inputrc. If these do not exist, you can create them yourself. These are read at shell login, so changes you make are not in effect until you create a new login shell.

If you want to disable completion entirely, you can use a typical GNU ""yes to no"":

set disable-completion on

If you want completion, but just not with tab, you can bind tab to insert itself:

TAB: self-insert

This will allow you to still use completion with ESC ESC, or you can bind completion to another key of your liking, e.g. C-t:

TAB: self-insert
C-t: complete

There is a huge amount of customization you can do; I refer you to the Readline and Bash documentation for more information."
Guest [Entry]

"You can disable autocompletion completely. Some information:

I depends on what exactly do you want
to do.

If you just want to disable advanced
autocompletion you can either use
""complete -r"" or remove

Reading the man page for ""complete""
might help here. It's a shell thing,
it really doesn't have anything to do
with a particular distro or another."