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How to disable prompt for running application in Windows Server 2008

How to disable prompt for running application in Windows Server 2008

I just installed an application in Windows Server 2008. When I run it, a dialog is displayed as warning to confirm it's running. Is there any way to disable the prompt?

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Guest [Entry]

"Its called UAC (user account control). Its a ""feature"" added since Vista.

A little background:

Windows wasn't originally designed as a true multiuser operating system. Until Windows 95, it basically had no security at all. With each sucessive version, Microsoft tried to improve the security but they were limited in how far they could go and still keep backwards compatibility.

Most software developers got to used to the idea that the programs they wrote had unlimited access to the entire operating system. With Vista, Microsoft introduced UAC, which prompts the user anytime a program tries to access something that should really require administrative access. This is nothing new, other multiuser OSs have been doing this for years. In fact, most would require reentering your password every time you needed administrative access or even require you to login as a separate user with the necessary access rights. This isn't a big deal for other OSs because software developed for those systems only request administrative privledges if its really necessary.

With Windows, there are still a ton of programs that demand administrative privileges simply because it was convenient for the programmer to write it that way. Yes, you can turn UAC off. You can find instruction for doing so here. But it isn't a good idea. As annoying as it is, UAC is one line of defense to protect the operating system from malicious programs intent on corrupting your computer."