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How to disable startup apps on Windows Vista?

How to disable startup apps on Windows Vista?

Whenever I start my Windows box, it automatically opens "Welcome Center" and "On-Screen Keyboard".

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Guest [Entry]

"For the keyboard:

Window Key + U, then click Use this computer
without a mouse or keyboard. You can uncheck the onscreen keyboard there.

For the welcome center:

Click Start and choose Control Panel,
In Control Panel Window you will find Welcome Center icon and open her,
In bottom of Welcome Center window find text like this ""Run at startup"",
Uncheck that options to turn-off Welcome Center,
Welcome Center is now Turned off

(I found the instructions for the welcome center here: http://www.softwaretipspalace.com/MS_Windows_Vista/Tips-and-Tricks/How%20to%20turn%20off%20Welcome%20Center.html )"