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How to disable the middle button scrolling in Chrome

How to disable the middle button scrolling in Chrome

When I press middle mouse button, it opens:

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"Update 27 Jul 2020: It appears that the following extension is no longer in the Chrome Store. I still have it installed and it was not
removed. I'm looking into whether I can find out more info...
For those interested, the entirety of the source for the extension is as follows. This may also work as a Tampermonkey user script.
var target;

window.addEventListener('mousedown', function(mouseEvent) {
if(mouseEvent.button != 1)
target = mouseEvent.target;

}, true);

There's an extension named (incorrectly) ""No Smooth Scrolling"" which disables this:
Guest [Entry]

"Get the latest drivers for your mouse and see if you can reassign the wheel click to a macro through its settings.

It should be reassigned to: Middle-click [very short sleep] ESC

If you can't get drivers with this feature, I suggest you write a very simple script in Autohotkey to do the exact same thing.

It should look something like this:

#IfWinActive ahk_class Chrome_WidgetWin_1
Click Middle
Sleep 10
Sendinput {ESC}