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How to do OCR on a PDF document? [duplicate]

How to do OCR on a PDF document? [duplicate]

I have a few documents in English and Hebrew that I scanned in and converted to PDF format.

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bert [Entry]

"I found a list of free OCR software for Windows.

WeOcr Tesseract Web Interface
Windows GUI for GOCR
OCR Desktop
Simple OCR

However, these programs need an image input, not a PDF input. For this, try a PDF-to-JPG converter."
bert [Entry]

Personally, I would use Ghostview to convert them to an image, then Tesseract to convert them to text. This is a totally free, open source, cross platform solution that I have had very good results with when trying to convert plain text. I don't use it for complex documents with tables and such, but for plain text you can't beat the price.