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How to enable safe mode for php.ini in Xampp?

How to enable safe mode for php.ini in Xampp?

I want to put my home server online for private use (using Xammp), so i need to put safe mode on (my OS is Windows XP)

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"I just note that you have not filled in safe_mode_exec_dir and I hope that you've defined open_basedir. For multiple directories, be sure to separate the paths with a semi-colon and double quote the whole path string. For example:

safe_mode = Onsafe_mode_exec_dir
= ""F:\WWW\HTML;F:\batfiles\batch"" open_basedir =

Also from the PHP manual :

Safe Mode is deprecated in PHP 5.3.0
and is removed in PHP 6.0.0.

From the same source:

for NT (IIS) each virtual host can run
from different user account, so there
is no need in Safe Mode restrictions
at all, if proper NTFS rights are set."