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How to extend the size of my C drive on XP

How to extend the size of my C drive on XP

In Windows XP, how do I increase the size of my C drive from other partitions?

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Guest [Entry]

"You must delete the other partition and consolidate them as free space just following the Windows partition. Under these conditions, you can enlarge the Widows partition to include the following unused space.

If the Disk Management of XP can't do it (try it first), some free utilities with good graphical interface are:

EASEUS Partition Master (Home Edition)
Paragon Partition Manager Express

I suggest to take good backups first, as resizing the C: system drive can cause Windows to become unbootable."
Guest [Entry]

"You could use the GParted LiveCD, it has an easy interface and a beginner friendly documentation.

Warning: Backup your data first (just in case), changing partitions can result in data loss, I mean 99% of the time it is working flawlessly, but the other 1%...gggrrrrrr. ;)"