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How to get a "recyle bin" for Firefox bookmarks?

How to get a "recyle bin" for Firefox bookmarks?

Every once in a while I delete a bookmark in Firefox which turns out to be needed later. Or I simply click "Delete" by mistake.

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bert [Entry]

"The XMarks plugin, as well as syncing your bookmarks between computers and browsers, also backs up bookmark changes to their server for 6 months allowing you to restore previous bookmarks or bookmark sets.

Log in to http://my.xmarks.com/ and select 'Tools > Explore & Restore Old Bookmarks...'
Select a previous bookmark set from the list of dates
Click 'View' and you'll get a HTML page with your old bookmarks from that date. From here you can find any you've lost and bookmark them again.

You also have the option to export bookmark sets to a HTML document or have them overwrite your current set."
bert [Entry]

In Windows, Firefox keeps multiple backup copies of your bookmarks in C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\\bookmarkbackups. Take a look there to see if the json files have what you need.