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How to get access to the web interface of an ADSL modem running in bridge mode?

How to get access to the web interface of an ADSL modem running in bridge mode?

I have a D-Link DSL-2500U ADSL modem. Its default IP is and default login/password for the web interface is admin/admin. If I plug in the Ethernet cable to the NIC of a computer (that runs Windows XP), assign the IP, then I can access the web interface at in the browser.

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"When I am faced with a similar situation, I use either a Windows 2000 or Linux live CD in a virtual machine and set it to bridged mode. I set the IP to the same as the interface on the router and access the web interface that way.

The other was is simply to manually change my IP to match that of the router - as you shouldn't need to change settings to often, I do not really see this as that much hard work.

Lastly, unless you have a reason for setting it like this, you may want to enable NAT on the modem and use it as a full router for your network."
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"I'm pretty sure that in bridged mode the whole point is that what the modem sees is forwarded unedited to the internal network and vice versa, and the only way to do that is to that is to effectively remove yourself from the network and forward everything through.

I had a time when I used an adsl modem in bridged mode (so that a wireless router next to it became the internet gateway) and prior to selecting bridged mode it pretty much stated that the device would become invisible to the network and would essentially be an ADSL -> Ethernet converting paperweight. The only way to bring it back was to perform a hard reset to set it back to default config.

The whole idea is that you set it up as a normal router, check configs, make sure that line type is right and speeds are right then, once everything worked, click over to bridged and it vanishes from your network. If the device sees a particular line speed un unbridged mode, then that is what you'll get in bridged mode with the side effect that you'll have no way to verify it.

Basically you have a choice of seeing what speed the connection is and put up with a useless extra gateway, or you just accept that the speed is what it will be and get on with making use of it."