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how to get rid of top window borders in Ubuntu

how to get rid of top window borders in Ubuntu

I'm losing a lot of precious vertical screen real estate to the fat border at the top of each window. is there anything I can do to make it go away or get it down to 2 pixels?

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Guest [Entry]

"There is a new package now, developed for the upcoming Unity project. It's called maximus, and it's available in the repositories by that same name.

It's very simple and works seamlessly. It just ensures that every window opens up maximized, and that every maximized window has no titlebar. Though the (un)maximize and close buttons are gone with the title bar, you can still un-maximize your windows normally using other methods. Any window you un-maximize will get it's titlebar back, and if you maximize it again the titlebar goes away again. It's also smart enough not to force pidgin's buddy list to open maximized, and the same goes for dialog boxes and stuff.

To use it:

sudo apt-get install maximus

Easy as that. Any window opened from now on will be under the effects described."
Guest [Entry]

You could always try Ubuntu Netbook Remix. When you maximze a window under UNR, it actually merges the title bar into the top task bar. And you can probably auto-hide the top bar.