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How to get the colour of text in Word?

How to get the colour of text in Word?

Given that I am not using a proper stylesheet/style, is there a way of making the colour selector the same colour as an another existing word?

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Guest [Entry]

"Yes, use the format painter.

Select the text you want to copy the formatting from
Click on the ""format painter"" button. It looks like a yellow paintbrush. In 2003 it is just to the left of undo. In 2007 it is on the ""Home"" tab toward the left side of the ribbon.

Drag through any text you want to see in the same color.

Notes: It doesn't just do color. It does all formatting

If you want to apply the formatting to multiple pieces of text, double click the format painter button instead of single clicking and you can apply it as much as you want. When you are done, just de-select the painter or hit the ""escape"" key"
Guest [Entry]

"Slight difference if you are using Word for Mac version 16.27, you

Select the text you're interested in.
Right click (or two-finger tap) on the text.
Select Font.
In the Font dialog box, click the down arrow
to the right of Font color.
Click on More Colors.

---- Here's where it gets a little different ----

Choose the icon for RGB Sliders or the RGB
Sliders drop-down menu item. You'll see the
RGB values for the color.
Click OK, and the color will become one of the
Recent Colors choices in your text color menu."