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how to hide tabs in taskbar in windows xp

how to hide tabs in taskbar in windows xp

"how to hide tabs in taskbar in windows xp.
Im already using vglance to emulate the windows 7 taskbar in xp. Is there any application that could hide the unused tabs(current downloads in firefox) And call it when you need it at a later time?"

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bert [Entry]

"Taskbar Button Manager is a simple utility that helps you arrange
the buttons on your Windows taskbar in
any way you want by using drag and
drop. Moving your task buttons is very
easy, no hotkey needed. In addition to
drag and drop you can also use a
special program window for moving the
taskbar buttons. You can hide
running programs too, so they don't
show on your taskbar. The program
works in all situations – even when
the taskbar buttons are grouped or
when the taskbar is not located in the
standard bottom area of the screen.

Taskbar Button Manager is freeware, registration required.

p.s.: why don't you use grouping (taskbar properties)?"