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How to include custom locations for indexing in start menu search?

How to include custom locations for indexing in start menu search?

I like to use new start menu search in windows vista/7. It is easy to launch application and documents by typing few characters.

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"Vistaclues.com has the solution for you!

Windows Vista automatically index the
places that matter most: all user
profiles (including Documents,
Pictures, Videos, Music, etc), your
Start menu (so you can find
applications by name), your e-mail
(for Outlook, anyway), your notes (for
OneNote), and any Offline Files you’ve

So, if you play by the rules and store
everything in Documents, Pictures, or
the other standard folders, you’re all
set. If you’re a stubborn old coot who
insists on storing your files at
C:\MyFiles\ or something like that,
well, it’s not being index. BTW, I’m a
stubborn old coot.

To add a custom folder to the index,
follow these steps:

Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
Click System And Maintenance.
Click Indexing Options.
Click Modify.
The Indexed Locations dialog appears. Click Show all locations, and
then provide administrative
credentials at the UAC prompt.

In the Change selected locations list, select the check box for the
folder you want to add to the index.
Don’t overdo it and select your whole
C:\ drive–indexing will take too long,
and you’ll get a lot of garbage
results. Try to be as precise as
possible. Click OK.

Click Close.

If you’re indexing unusual file types
(like log files), be sure to index
that file type."