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How to increase internet speed of globe tattoo sonic

Please help me on how to increase internet speed of globe tattoo sonic? I want to make it faster than the usual speed. Are there any ways to do that?

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Dondon [Entry]

First, I just want to inform you that internet speed of a wireless device such as Globe tattoo sonic will depend on network signal detected and current subscriber traffic. The nearer you are in the wireless access point of Globe, the stronger your signal. Thus the stronger your internet speed/connection. So if you want to increase your internet speed, go to the nearest Globe wireless access point.

Second, try to clean up your internet browser. If you have many applications installed in your browser, it can cause to lower down your internet speed experience.

Third, the best way to increase your internet speed is to avail Globe's wired internet connection. If you use a wired internet connection, you will experience a faster, more satisfying and uninterrupted internet connection.