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How to install audio drivers for Acer Revo nettop?

How to install audio drivers for Acer Revo nettop?

I have a Acer Revo nettop. I wiped the XP Home install that came on the machine and put XP Pro on.

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"Here is a guide to looking up hardware based on it's device ID.

To summarize:

In Device Manager, right click your unknown device, and select Properties.
Go to the ""Details"" tab.
With ""Device Instance Id"" selected, you'll see a string such as the one listed below.
Use PCI Database to lookup what device this corresponds to.


VEN_8384 indicates my Vendor ID is 8384.
DEV_7690 indicates my Device ID is 7690.

In the example, which is my sound card (or codec so it says), searching the Device ID returns: SigmaTel 9200 HD Audio CODEC. Device Manager lists this as SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC, so i'd say this is pretty accurate.

From that point, its a matter of finding the drivers for your particular device on the web."