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How to install Windows 7 from the network?

How to install Windows 7 from the network?

Is it possible to install Windows 7 (Current RTM Version) on a computer without using removable media like DVD or USB?

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"I just did this (2011-04-01), and this question consistently ranked high in my googling, so I'll throw down a way-after-the-fact answer with the notes about what I learned. Hopefully this will fill in some blanks.

Source OS was Win7 x64.

Source machine:

This machine must have a static IPv4 address. This example will use

This machine must have a Windows installation in a shared folder somewhere. This example will use .\win7

This example will log in to the source machine with user TEST and password test.

Use tftpboot to fire up a DHCP server (gives an IP to a computer when requested).
This will also start a TFTP server for all of the file transfers.

There should be a folder called boot\ in the tftpboot directory which contains an installation of Windows PE.

Start tftpd64.exe (or tftpd32.exe), open the settings, use default settings, and change:

IP pool starting addresss: Whatever, the pool of IPs to draw from
Size of pool: Must be > 2
Boot File: boot\pxeboot.com (will dump into Windows PE environment)
Mask: works fine.
Uncheck ""Ping address before assignation""
Check ""Bind DHCP to this address""

Restart the program to ensure changes are in effect.

Receiver machine:

Run a network boot from the receiver machine. (The DHCP server will assign an IP).

The boot file will be transferred and run. Press F12 to tell Windows PE to do something.

Wait a while (30-60 seconds). A command prompt will appear and load. Wait until a cursor is available.

A drive must be assigned to the root folder on the Source machine. To do this:

X:\Windows\system32>net use z: \\\win7

A username of a user on the source machine, and password, must be entered.

Enter the user name for '':\TEST
Enter the password for test
The command completed successfully.

Navigate over to the new directory (z:\) and fire away. Commands will have a long delay but should work eventually.


http://tftpd32.jounin.net/tftpd32_download.html (DHCP server x86 or x64, no boot\ dir)

WinPE link removed <-- You'll have to get a legal copy of WinPE. Search on Microsoft's website for the Windows AIK (Automated Installation Kit). It will have WinPE in it, and you can use that as the boot image (winpe.wim).




If you run into an error ""autorun.dll"" could not be loaded or is corrupt setup can not continue error code (0xC1). This means your version of WinPE is mismatched with your Windows ISO. Type ver at the WinPE prompt. You'll get something like 6.*.****.

Here's a rough table of ver to WinPE version to Windows ISO:

| ver | Win PE Version | Matching Windows ISO | Background Colors |
| 6.0.6*** | 2.* | Windows Vista | Blue and Green |
| 6.1.7600 | 3.0 | Windows 7 | Gray |
| 6.1.7601 | 3.1 | Windows 7 SP1 | ??? |
| 6.2.9200 | 4.0 | Windows 8 | ??? |
| 6.3.9600 | 5.0 | Windows 8.1 | ??? |

Windows AIK links:

Windows AIK for Windows 7
Windows AIK for Windows Vista
Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) for Windows 8
Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK) for Windows 8.1 Update"
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"Everyone who has tried this, can testify how hard it is to pull it off. Recently, I had the same problem to solve and I have done lots of reading and testing. In the end, the simplest tool for the job is Serva. At least in my opinion.

But even Serva is prone to failure. You will need a lot of work to get it to work. Also, its documentation is rather poorly structured and technical. So it is not that easy to understand how to set it up.

That's why I decided to give it a try and document the whole process myself, including the issues people are most likely to encounter. Since the whole thing is so complex, I published a long step by step guide: How to Install Any Version of Windows from Other Network Computers

I hope some people will find it useful."
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If you've got space, I'd copy the media contents to your PC via a network share and then install from that.
If you've got space, I'd copy the media contents to your PC via a network share and then install from that.
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"If you have a Linux server, (AMAHIdotorg) mount you install DVD and edit your Samba config file - # 'nano /etc/samba/smb.conf' ..

Add the lines at the bottom -[DVD] enter then path = /media/UDF Volume/ then enter again and add - guest ok = yes enter Control X then y to save and enter to exit.

Then from you client got to network connections - shares and there you will find the image files.

If after copying of file your computer reboots and seems like it hangs just wait 10 more minutes and then if it still isn't doing anything reboot, but do not touch any keys. wait and watch for the balloons to start over starting windows.

If still nothing F8 into safemode and go to command prompt and at the c:net use y:\YOURSERVER\DVD and all should start again. Windows 7 just finished loading on my HTPC in the living room."
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If you had a wired connection you could use PXE if the system supports it. I think you are SOL trying to do a remote install over wireless.