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How to make a Windows User Acount that can not change anything?

How to make a Windows User Acount that can not change anything?

what I would like to accomplish on my home PC is something similar to what my account at my University's computers does. I would like to have an account with almost no privileges. The only things I want the account to be allowed is to use already installed software, temporarily save stuff on the computer, but in a manner that every changes made by the user will be discarded after reboot unless it's in a specified folder which would be the only folder where the user would really be allowed to save and keep data on (for example in My Documents) and that's it. Everything else I want him to only have read access for.

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"you may want to have a look Faronics DeepFreeze or Windows SteadyState.

These are applications to protect the core operating system and configuration files on a computer by restoring the system back to its original configuration each time the computer restarts.


Steadystate only works for XP & Vista.

Steadystate is free.

DeepFreeze works with all Windows versions (incl. Server)."
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"I would recommend StorageCraft™ ShadowUser™.

StorageCraft technology captures a
snapshot of your volume(s) and runs an
exact duplicate in a virtual PC or
server state. This virtual state,
called ShadowMode™, allows the user to
use the PC or server as normal, but
without premanently writing system
changes to the hard drive.

If system changes and folder or files
changes occur during a ShadowMode
session, then these changes can be
automatically or manually committed to
the PC or server. If malicious or
unwanted changes occur during a
ShadowMode session, then they can be
discarded with a simple reboot."