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How to make HOME or END keys work in mc running on OS X (ssh)

How to make HOME or END keys work in mc running on OS X (ssh)

I installed MacPorts on OS X 10.5 and I found out that when I connect to the computer using SSH and use mc - Midnight Commander - the HOME and END keys do not work.

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"The keyboard mappings for home and end in Terminal.app are not direct, but you can fix them. To get them to work directly, go to Terminal -> Preferences... -> Settings screen -> Keyboard and then find the lines for these keys and click the edit button for them (or add them if they are missing for some reason).

Be careful to not have any leading or trailing spaces as well for these.

home key code:


end key code:


page-up key code:


page-down key code:

Guest [Entry]

Hold down the shift key for Home/End PgUp/Pg down in Terminal.app in order to not let Terminal use these keys for the scrollback. This way (with shift) Terminal will pass the keys on to the application running in the window.