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how to make netjukebox work without winamp

how to make netjukebox work without winamp

I found this tutorial on the internet and I'm disappointed because it needs winamp to work. Anyone in here who have tried this one without using winamp? Or do you have any tutorial that can turn a home pc into a server so that I can access my files anywhere

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Guest [Entry]

"From what I have understand you want to stream your medias from your home pc, and effectively netjukebox needs winamp but they are plenty of solutions to do it without winamp:

stream audio by an external site, Win2k or later: http://jukefly.com/
stream any medias by an external site, WinXP SP2 or later/Mac OS X Intel: http://www.orb.com/
store (and access) your music online: http://www.mp3tunes.com/ or http://www.audiobox.fm/
stream audio by your own site:

java so multi-platform but heavy on memory: Sockso or Subsonic
Win2k or later (or Wine): vibe streamer
advanced, need a php/mysql server, support video: Ampache

If you choose to use your own site, maybe you will need to open your router and/or your firewall, and to use dyndns if you haven't a static IP"