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How to make Notepad++ open file browser in current folder?

How to make Notepad++ open file browser in current folder?

I set Notepad++ to be called from command-line. I would like it to open file browser in current folder from which it was called so that I could work with files in that folder. Is there any way to do this; any suggestions, ideas how to go about it? Textmate has this feature, which is very convenient.

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I just checked my installation of Notepad++. When I invoke it via the command-line I am able to have it open the current folder for file saves/opens. How are you invoking Notepad++ from the command-line? What I have done is, append C:\Program Files\Notepad++ to the PATH variable.
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"I also tried to have the explorer plugin follow current dir. But this option does not seem to be available. I think the closest you can get is through a combination of key shortcut. What I suggest is:

Initial Configuration

Map the ""Current Dir. Path to Clipboard"" to a combination of your choice say: Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar
Do a similar binding for the Explorer plugin command ""Go to Path..."": Ctrl+Shift+P

Usage scenario:

Paste (using ubiquitous Ctrl-V)

This can be done fairly fast, when you need it.

Hope this helps."