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How to read or reuse and old, saved, Outlook .ost file?

How to read or reuse and old, saved, Outlook .ost file?

There is a trick to this: I have switched since from an Outlook Exchange provider to an regular IMAP/POP3 email provider. As I did not need the old emails at that time, I've just saved the .ost file – you guessed – I need some of the old email.

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"You can do anything with your old .ost file, even if the file is corrupt. If you search it on Google, you will find hundred of methods and software that claims they will do the trick for you. But for me, it's always better to try the manual methods first. It's always recommended to use the manual methods.

There are mainly three manual methods available while working with an OST file. The first one is called Export, then the second one is Archive and the last one can be achieved by creating a New PST file. The step by step methods with the pictures can be found here in this Technet link.

Source: http://www.convertoutlookost.com/"