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How to record DirectTV HD DVR to a DVD or PC? [closed]

How to record DirectTV HD DVR to a DVD or PC? [closed]

Is there a way to hook up a standard DVD player to a DirecTV HD DVR and record the content to this disk? If not is there a way to record the content onto a computer to later be recorded onto a DVD.

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bert [Entry]

"If your DVD player can also record DVDs, then yes. You can connect your DirecTV HD DVR to a DVD recorder like so:

Additional Items Required:

S-Video cable
DVD recording unit (if your DVD player can't record)
Blank DVD

Test your Direc TV digital video recorder and your DVD recording unit
separately to make sure both are in
proper working order before you
connect them.
Connect one end of an S-Video cable to your DVD recording unit and the
other end to your TV.
Find the standard RCA cables that Direc TV sent along with your digital
video recorder. Attach one end of them
to the corresponding slot on the DVD
recording unit and the other end to
the TV.
Check your DVD recording unit to see if it came with an HD cable or the
standard three-pronged cable. Buy a
separate HD cable if it did not come
with one.
Attach the HD cable between the Direc TV digital video recorder and
the DVD recording unit.
Insert a blank DVD into the DVD recording unit, then turn on your TV
and digital video recorder.
Find a program you want to record to a DVD. Use the digital video
recorder's Record to VCR function to
save it to the blank DVD.
Use the DVD to re-watch the recorded program at a later time on any
standard DVD player or computer DVD

bert [Entry]

"Not sure if this is what you want, but...

I hook up my DVD recorder RCA inputs to the RCA outputs of my DVR. So the DVR is converting digital to analog, which is routed to my DVD recorder, which then converts and records back in digital DVD form.

Note that not all shows can be by recorded this way, since many DVD recorders will not copy programs marked as ""copyrighted"". This varies from station to station."