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How to remove bots from my computer?

How to remove bots from my computer?

Because trend micro's rubotted detected that there is a bot running on my system and recommends to run Trend micro's house call to remove the bot. But when I ran house call, it does not detect anything. By the way,my current antivirus software is Microsoft Security Essentials.

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bert [Entry]

"My favourite way to remove any sort of malware is to start by using Spybot Search and Destroy, and then use Microsoft/Sysinternals Autoruns to remove the rest -

(Autoruns does not usually ""Delete"" any files, but completely stops anything/everything from running.)

Anything that this method does not remove most likely has crawled in to the deep parts of your system - usually - to the point, that even if they can be removed, you wouldn't want them to as it could lead to problems later on... At this point, a re install is your best option."
bert [Entry]

"If you know you have a Virus, i wouldn't trust anything on the system.

I'd use a antivirus livedisk (unetbootin has a few options in it if you don't want to burn a disk. else avira comes to mind

i'd suggest malwarebytes if you want to scan in windows and don't want the live cd route"