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How to remove folder from Explorer's jump list

How to remove folder from Explorer's jump list

I'm using Windows 7 and Windows Explorer some folders were added to the taskbar jump list (under the Frequent section) that no longer exist. When I try to remove those folders from the jump list (using context menu's "Remove from this list" option) nothing happens and the folders are still shown.

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"See this article

Navigate to this folder and delete what you need
Now you will see a list of files with very long and convoluted names. This is because they are all encoded. Each one represents a list of recent items for a particular jumplist.
It’s impossible to tell which entries go with which jumplists unless you open the file in a text editor and browse through. However, since all of the files are just recent items in a jumplist, you can delete all the files and it will clear all recent items on all jumplists.

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"I succeeded in removing the jumplist related to a particular program in the following way:

Go to the mentioned directory by using the command line editor.
In the Windows taskbar, change the jumplist of the particular program by e.g. adding or removing a pinned item
In the command line editor, execute dir /o:d to get a list of all files ordered by change date. The jumplist-file that is related to the applicable program is shown at the bottom of this list.
In the command line editor, you can remove this jumplist-file to cleanup the jumplist."