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How to run an .exe from linux command prompt

How to run an .exe from linux command prompt

I am new to Linux. I am currently trying to write a command line which should execute a *.exe inside a folder abc.

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"you can't :) exe is Microsoft only. now if you had a linux executable you could do:

cd folder
chmod +x file
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".exes are generally Windows executables, not linux ones. To run those, use something like WINE.
Otherwise, to run a Linux executable, there are many ways, e.g.:

cd abc; ./info.exe
Add ""abc"" to your PATH, then just run it as a normal command."
Guest [Entry]

"Wine is a program that you can install, which allows you to run .exe files on linux.

apt-get install wine

(go to the directory of your file: /cd (ex: Desktop/)
And to open your .exe file:


If you have any problems with wine, you can do wine --help."
Guest [Entry]

"Here is how to run an executable file in Linux:

open terminal with ctrl + alt+ T: sudo apt-get update
install Wine: sudo apt-get install wine
go to the directory in which your .exe file is placed by changing directory: cd /Desktop
wine filename.exe

Hit enter and your .exe file will be executed."