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How to set a bookmark on a number in MS Word (2007)?

How to set a bookmark on a number in MS Word (2007)?

I am trying to put a version number in my document (e.g. 1.0, 2.3.4), and I want it to be reflected in other places in the document. I followed some instructions to create custom file properties using a bookmark, but when creating a bookmark for 1.0, the bookmark ends at the dot, and when the number is updated only the part before the dot is reflected. Is it possible to make the bookmark span the whole number, including multiple dots if they exist?

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Guest [Entry]

"If you update the version number by positioning the cursor to the right of ""1.0"" and pressing Backspace to delete the ""0"", then you are accidentally truncating the bookmark. When you type the second ""1"" to make the document version 1.1, the ""1"" does not get added to the bookmark--it's just treated as regular text.

To get around this:

Click after the dot and before the 0, so it looks like ""1.|0""
Type the 1, making the version number ""1.10""
Press Delete to delete the 0, leaving ""1.1"" as the value of the bookmark."