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How to start XP in Safe Mode

How to start XP in Safe Mode

I've tried pressing each of the function keys during startup, but haven't been able to get safe mode as an option. Is there another way?

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"If F8 or other function keys don't work, you need to use MSConfig (Start > Run > msconfig). Select the boot.ini tab, and tick the /SAFEBOOT option. Then reboot.

Note that to restore the normal behaviour you'll have to use msconfig again to remove the tick while in Safe Mode.

More info here"
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If you have a USB keyboard, you may have the problem that your keypresses are not seen by the BIOS (it may do, may not - depends on version and settings). Thus the keyboard isn't doing anything until after Windows boots and loads the driver. Try a PS/2 type keyboard.
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"BootSafe - makes rebooting in Safe Mode a snap.

BootSafe takes the hassle out of
rebooting in Safe Mode or back to
Normal mode. No more fighting with the F8
key or MSCONFIG!

Bootsafe is freeware and portable (does not require installation)."