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How to sync bookmarks between Firefox, Chrome, and Safari on multiple computers?

How to sync bookmarks between Firefox, Chrome, and Safari on multiple computers?

There are some similar question on bookmark syncing, but most answers point to Delicious or Google bookmarks. However, as Chrome doesn't have the Google toolbar, how would those sync? I use several computers and different browsers on them so I would like a easy solution to keep all of the bookmarks in sync on various computers and browsers in the same organizational structure throughout.

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"For 2012, XMarks came back from the grave as part of LastPass. It supports 4 of 5 major browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) but lacks Opera. It's not clear whether this is due to Opera API issues, but there is a little discussion in their forums. Looks like it's free, but you have to subscribe for use with mobile devices/tablets (iDevice, Android, etc.) and a few other features. This is the same strategy used by LastPass. (Disclaimer: premium user of both)

Google Bookmarks may be an option depending on your browser choice and plugin availability. Google Chrome Sync (and possibly plugins for other browsers) may also work; for Firefox I believe it's tied in with the Google Toolbar for Firefox but YMMV by browser.

Delicious may be an option; I used to be a user but have mostly stopped after the headaches with their switchover (I switched to XMarks). I think they were trying to go in a more ""social"" direction like Digg, et al.

Pinboard is a commercial service (one-time fee) that apparently also uses the Delicious API, so some addons/widgets may be able to work with it instead of with Delicious. Long-term support of those may be questionable if Delicious doesn't still support that API.

UPDATE: For XMarks, I'm not sure what their plans are for IE10, but I'd expect them to only support the Desktop version of IE - there's apparently also a ""Metro"" version that will not allow any plugins."
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"Firefox 3.5 now has weave which is nice, but only for Firefox.

The main thing I like most is that you can run your own weave server."
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"You can add a bookmark from Chrome to Delicious by dragging a link up to your Bookmarks Toolbar. Take a look here.

Or you can create a link in Chrome with the following link manually:


Then you can go to the delicious.com site to navigate to your bookmarks. I created a link for this to:

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Bypass the problem: create an HTML page of links, and make that the home page of each browser.