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How to turn a hard drive into an NAS?

How to turn a hard drive into an NAS?

I just got myself a 2TB drive (this one). I'd like it to be available to all the computers in the house. Is there a SATA enclosure available that turns a drive into an NAS?

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Guest [Entry]

"Plenty of choices there, e.g. this D-Link DNS-323 (2 bays for further expansion)

or the EAGLE Consus series, single SATA drive NAS Enclosures.

and about a gazillion others ... don't be shy, try your preferred search engine and look for 'SATA NAS enclosure'. :)"
Guest [Entry]

"Although this question has already been answered, I'd like to point out the Windows Home Server machines, from either Acer or HP. They're around the same price as dedicated NAS boxes these days; and in addition to offering all of the same benefits, they're also servers that you can dedicate to other tasks on your network (automated backup of your whole house, for example).

I was looking for a NAS in the not-so-distant past, and settled on one of the MediaSmart servers from HP. Although I bought it before the prices dropped, I'm still quite happy with the machine. You probably would be too.

As far as ""turning a hard drive into a NAS,"" which was your original question... all of the WHS machines allow you to add differently-sized hard drives to them as you like (typically they come with one drive preinstalled, leaving 3 free bays)."