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How to use Function keys as standard key in one app only?

How to use Function keys as standard key in one app only?

On my MacBook I have use all F1 F2 etc. keys as standard function keys option unchecked. I use FunctionFlip to map F3 from Expose to Spaces.

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"I finally started to use Palua and it is just great.

Paula is no longer available so I use Fluor these days."
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"Grab IronAHK and use it to remap ALL keys instead of System Preferences (reason being is that it might conflict with system -> preferences), it comes with a makefile for compiling easily under Mono.

Then use it just like AutoHotkey:

F1::Send { F1 }"
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"Unfortunately, this isn't an option that Apple or FunctionFlip provides.

However, the author of FunctionFlip has obviously been able to write code that allows for dynamic configuration of the function keys so it can be done.

I would contact the author of FunctionFlip, and ask if he could add the features you need. Namely, controlling function key behavior depending on the active application.

If you pledge to donate for the feature it might get implemented faster.

Otherwise, I don't know of any other programs that offer this functionality."
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"You could use AppleScript to toggle the state of the function keys:

tell application ""System Preferences""
reveal anchor ""keyboardTab"" of pane ""com.apple.preference.keyboard""
end tell
tell application ""System Events"" to tell process ""System Preferences""
click checkbox 1 of tab group 1 of window 1
end tell
quit application ""System Preferences""

In addition, you can make this app specific with the help of Keyboard Maestro. If written a small tutorial how to pull this of here."
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"Use Fluor (fluorapp.net) app.
This app make change function key behavior per app basis."