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In excel, cannot figure out why background color for a cell will not change?

Ok, so I inherited an excel workbook full of excel forms to modify. I am not the original author of the form. I cannot for the life of me figure out why it wont let me change the background color of certain cells.

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Guest [Entry]

"Did you check for conditional formatting? It is harder to change.

Not sure where it is at in Excel 2007, but the mac version has it under:

Format => Conditional Formatting

From the comments we have a way for Excel 2007:

Ah ha! I found a condition string for
that cell. The condition formatting
option is under the ""Home"" tab of the
ribbon, not in data or formulas. – Troggy"
Guest [Entry]

"To work around this problem, turn off the high-contrast
Accessibility Options. To do this:

Click Start
Click Control Panel.
Click Accessibility Options.
On the Display tab, click to clear the
Use High Contrast check box.
Click OK to close the Accessibility Options dialog box.

My Excel now lets me fill cells at will.

Note: Because there are several versions of Microsoft Windows, these steps may be different on your computer."