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Increasing download speed for torrents?

Increasing download speed for torrents?

Can you please list out any torrent client configuration to get max out of available net speed?

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Vuze (Azureus) speed guide
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"Try these tips from TorrentFreak.

The factor that made the most difference for me was to limit the upload speed.
For instance, for my 2Mb/s connection I limited the upload speed to about 1/15 of the maximum download rate, i.e. an upload rate of 136kb/s (17kB/s) - TorrentFreak recommends setting the upload speed to about 80% of the measured maximum upload rate. If the upload is set too high it will slow down the downloads since they need to use some upload capacity for requests.

P.S. Of course I also set the torrent client to switch to unlimited upload speeds once downloads are complete so I can seed the torrents more quickly."
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"my way to get Max Speed

Look for a torrent with at least 10 seeds
limit uploading to 5kb/s until download finish
seed the torrent until it get a 0.8 or 0.7 ratio

That's all and it's always working at full speed for me"
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"Keep in mind that some ISPs are putting a cap on the maximum speed you can get via torrent clients. These ISPs are detecting the protocol torrent clients are using, and slow it down on purpose.

You should consider using a client using the newer uTP protocol (such as uTorrent's beta) for best performance.

You can read more about it here."