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Installing Windows XP : popular customizations

Installing Windows XP : popular customizations

What process do you go through when reinstalling Windows XP on a personal system? This includes setting UI options, registry changes, "must-have" applications, desktop customization, security settings, etc.

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Guest [Entry]

"I don't! From now on it's Windows 7 only!

But if you really want to know:

Install latest drivers, so everything works (predownload them!)
Install antivirus, so I can feel secure
Install WinRar, so I can unzip stuff
Install Firefox & Chrome, so I can download stuff
Install Microsoft Office 2007 & Foxit pdf reader, so I can read stuff
Install VirtualCD, so I can run my ISO's with other programs
Install KLite Codec Pack + VLC Player, so I can watch movies
Install Winamp, so I can listen to music
Install Skype, so I can talk to people
Install Imgburn, so I can burn stuff
Install Picasa, so I can watch pretty pictures
Run updates if required

That should cover a basic installation, the rest gets installed when I need it"