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Intermittent boot failure now has become permanent

Intermittent boot failure now has become permanent

I hope this is not an inappropriate forum.

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"Unplug everything except for the video card and one stick of memory see if that matters.
If not, then pull that memory stick and replace it with the other one. Now try it in a different slot.

If you have another video card, try that too.

I would also pull the motherboard and set it on a cardboard box and see if it boots then.

It sounds very very much like the motherboard, but to be honest, after 18 yrs of doing this, I've seen it all, that's why I say try the above, it doesn't cost a thing.

If you pull the motherboard out and it still doesn't work, replace the mobo while you already have it out."
Guest [Entry]

"Two quick questions/ideas:

What to the capacitors look like on the motherboard? Use a magnifying glass with light if you can. Pay special attention to the electrolytic cans. Could these capacitors have failed? See Wikipedia article on Capacitor plague.
During AC power cycle, is your clock accuracy affected? Does the computer keep good time when the AC is powered off? Maybe the RTC watch crystal is bad."