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Internet connection sharing (Windows Vista/Windows 7 or Windows Vista/Ubuntu)?

Internet connection sharing (Windows Vista/Windows 7 or Windows Vista/Ubuntu)?

I'm a DSL user and don't want to buy a router as I won't need it in a few months. I know it's possible to plug-in a DSL cable to your modem and get on the internet. I also know it's possible to share that connection with another computer using an Ethernet cable.

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"To set up connection sharing between your two computers:

Connect the two computers' RJ-45's with a cross-over Ethernet cable
Open the network and sharing center, find your network connection, right click on it and go to properties
In the ""Advanced"" tab, check the box to Allow other users to connect through this computer..
Select the networks you would like to share with and you should be on your way.

I'm sorry if its not exact, I'm doing this from memory on an XP machine. I have setup connection sharing on my laptop over WiFi so I can connect to the internet on my iPod Touch through my laptop's EDGE network card. pretty nice"
Guest [Entry]

"On the Windows 7 machine select Internet connection sharing for the Tata Photon Plus device. This set a IP of for the ethernet port of the Windows 7 machine.
Through the router configuration webpage (router'a built-in one) , set DHCP to on for the router, with a router IP of and gateway and DNS as (aka the Windows 7 machine).
Connect the Linux machine to the router and let the router assign a IP by DHCP."