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Internet Explorer 6 question

Internet Explorer 6 question

Can someone please explain to me what the big problem is with IE 6? Everyone talks about it like it is the worst thing in the world. I use FF and Chrome, hardly ever IE 8, so I apparently don't know about something. I hope this is the right place to ask.

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"I think there are two perspectives this comes from.

(1) Developer perspective. IE6 has a lot of... quirks. Things like ""if an element has float: left, its left margin doubles."" This means that things look different than in other browser, and it takes an inordinate amount of time to make them look good. (Or even halfway decent.) You can learn more about them here.

(2) User perspective. Because of the above, there are a lot of websites that don't look very good in IE6. Some may not even be usable because of Javascript errors. There are also some assorted security problems with it. Increasingly, major sites are discontinuing IE6 support. (I think Facebook and/or LinkedIn might have. I know Livemocha.com is.)"
Guest [Entry]

"The currently renewed hatred for IE6 (As we're all used to hating it for John-T and Arkaaito's reasons) is that HTML5, the newest version of the set of rules that define how HTML, the very language of the web itself, should work, isn't, and will never be supported by IE6. That means it's come beyond being an annoyance for web developers to write around (Yes, it's annoying, but it's doable. Annoying, though), and an actual hindrance to the web.

Now, IE7 and 8 don't support it either - however, neither do many browsers. This is a pre-emptive hatred, going after the worst offender - businesses who won't upgrade from the browser that's served them well for almost 10 years now.

IE6 is hated because it completely ignores accepted standards all other browsers adhere to, causing web developers headaches, and worse, and because it's one of the most dangerous pieces of software you can reasonably use. You're starting to hear about it more and more because it will soon be stopping progress, not just infecting PCs and annoying developers. A world without IE6 is a world where we're one step closer to seeing a version of the web not tied down with proprietary software like flash, one where playing a video doesn't take 80% of your CPU, but 3%. It'd be a better web, but we can't have it while IE6 still has a decent chunk of the market."