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Internet Explorer 8 keeps crashing while not being used

Internet Explorer 8 keeps crashing while not being used

Since I "upgraded" to MS IE 8, I have this strange behavior that in the middle of doing whatever things (like reading messages on SuperUser.com in Firefox), I suddenly get an error message from IE:

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Guest [Entry]

"This article explains the history and the reason behind IELowutil.exe. It is basically used to allow IE to share cookies between different integration levels, specifically protected mode. This MSDN article explains it at length.

From a connect bug report the IELowutil stays running for 5 minutes after IE is closed, and this is by design. I would suspect that there is an application you are using that is referencing IE in some way which is forcing IELowutil open.

There could potentially also be an addon that is causing the crash. From the limited information I can find on the newsgroups this was a problem with the Beta and was fixed in the RTM. Maybe check that you've loaded the latest release version?"