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iPhone 3G refuses to transfer purchased apps to iTunes

iPhone 3G refuses to transfer purchased apps to iTunes

My iPhone 3G refuses to transfer purchased apps to iTunes. This is causing me major problems with syncing.

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You can eventually attempt to transfer your iPhone apps to your iTunes library via CopyTrans (no jail-breaking needed as far as I know). After the transfer sync your iPhone with iTunes and see whether the issue is now fixed.
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I'd seriously consider a hard reset of the iphone, reinstall 3.1 and let it sync from your itunes backup.
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"In your question you have said that you restored your phone from backup.

I am guessing that when you restore the backup, it is restoring the problem as well.

I think that this type of problem should be able to be solved by restoring your phone and setting it up as a new phone and then syncing everything across to it.

Having said that, I am not sure what will happen with your purchases when that happens.

If, after that, the problem still occurs then it is time to contact apple for a warranty replacement."
Guest [Entry]

"Have you tried to ""Reset all warnings"" when right-clicking on the iPhone icon in iTunes, then synchronise again ?

I also got problem when synchronising my apps with my iPhone and I found that I'd clicked one time on a option like ""Do not transfer applications & do not ask again"".
The problem was not exactly the same, but I hope this might help."