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iPhone 5S Stuck in recovery mode : iTunes restore error 50

iPhone 5S Stuck in recovery mode : iTunes restore error 50


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I have just managed to fix a phone with an Error 50 on it. NONE of the help on this forum helped so what i did was this. I held down the Home Button and Power Button for 10 seconds whilst the phone was connected to my Mac. I then let go of the Home button BUT I KEPT HOLDING THE POWER BUTTON during the whole of the sync process and hey presto it worked. Yes i had a sore finger by the end but it has been 2 weeks and my phone has been in 3 shops who couldn't fix it INCLUDING the Glasgow Apple shop. Hopefully this will work for you guys as well.
Guest [Entry]

"Heating up the phone with a hairdryer while the updating process was happening got me back into the phone - and stopped the error 50 code from happening!!! Can't believe it. I tried all of the other methods mentioned earlier multiple times all day but the phone always froze at the 65% (approx) mark....

Once the restore process completed the carrier appeared and normal texts were coming through to my phone - I was also able to send normal texts. As soon as I tried to call someone the carrier disappeared and the phone will only work on WIFI again. Back to where I started but at least I can use the phone on WIFI.

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"Heat up your phone with a hairdryer, I took the SIM card tray out (you'll have to put ya sim back in to activate it, but it'll heat up quicker if ya take it out)

but get the hair dryer pointed at it, ensure your device gets nice and hot. Believe it or now it works, I'd been trying all week to resolve it but kept having the error 50 notices after getting to around 60/65% but try this..

Restart ya phone

Click restore or update (I updated)

Have a hair dryer pointed at it, ensure it gets hot

and believe it or not it'll go through.

I'd like to thank whoever came up with the hair dryer solution, you're a genius..

This forum has been a God send......"
Guest [Entry]

OMG, the hairdryer trick works, I've had a dead iPhone 5 for 2 yrs and now my Son has something to play his games on and not bug me for mine.... Outstanding!
Guest [Entry]

Hello, I had unfortunately no hair dryer, so I put the iphone at about 50 ° for 5min in the oven and believes it or not it has worked afterwards.