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iPhone 6 logic board - long screw damage

iPhone 6 logic board - long screw damage

The other day i was going to replace my screen on my iPhone 6.

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"Hi Jahn,

If I were you, I would start with the following troubleshooting:

1/ Hard reboot the phone: press and hold power button + home button for ~12 seconds, then restart;

2/ Power cycle + clean and re-seat the screen cables: disconnect the battery connector (DO NOT remove the battery), clean the screen connectors on the board and the screen cables using a cotton swab dipped in 90%+ isopropyl alcohol. Do not let the alcohol touch the screen. With battery still disconnected, press and hold power button for ~15 seconds, then reconnect the battery, gently re-seat the screen cables make sure they are properly connected. Reboot your phone.

3/ If no change after 1 and 2, try a new known good screen. You could have pulled on the screen cables and damaged them.

4/ If 1,2, and 3 do not solve it then you may have logic board damage. It could be ESD that fried something, or long-screw damage, or pry mistake if you damaged something around the screen connectors (examine around them using a good magnifying glass, look for anything broken/damaged/part torn).

Start troubleshooting and tell us what you find out!"
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"Yup, needs micro-soldering. This is very similar to neurosurgery and the micro-jumpers used are so small that a surgical microscope is actually used to install/test them.

Sometimes it needs 2 attempts before all the jumpers ""take"" and they are then fixed in place using UV adhesive similar to the sort used on LCD repairs.

Interestingly the work I've done suggests that in fact the signal that is missing has nothing to do with the LCD drive directly it simply detects that a panel is there and correctly installed.

This is similar to the EDID data on a laptop screen (cough OEM non user replaceable panels /cough)

If Apple wanted to they could lock out third party screens but that would suck."
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Any one can help me with the wiring points coz the fb page is deleted