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iPhone 6s stuck on apple logo after battery replacement

iPhone 6s stuck on apple logo after battery replacement

Hello, today I faced with a problem I never had before on an iPhone 6s. At first I was changing the lcd and everything was ok. Then my customer asked for a battery replacement for this phone. After installation of a new original battery phone got stuck on Apple logo. I tried to put back the old battery, but it also gets stuck... I am trying iTunes restore with dfu mode, but it shows me error (9). Does anyone got the same problem? Is there a problem in motherboard?

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"I have had the same issue with error 9 on Iphone 6s and read conflicting information on removing and reprogramming NAND, replacing housing, replacing Tristar, etc... I figured the path of least resistance was to try the U2 replacement and it worked first time.

Hope this helps"
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Get and Android phone next time
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"SOLVED. >>>>>>

I had the same problem that my phone was stuck in Battery charging. charged 30 min which should be enough to charge some.

talked to Apple few times.

finally one person from Apple suggested that

“connect iphone to computer then do the apple power on. Do not turn on Itune on computer.

then push power on button (hold on) until apple logo shows up.

it worked.

i dont remember if I had to do volume up/down and power to turn off.

any way, there is way to do it, so many suggestion talks about the battery , but it is simple fix and reset."
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I solved it with a different solution…I bought two new replacement batteries and installed them in an iPhone SE 1gen and a 5S (quite old as of now, Nov 2021). The 5E powered up with the battery at 44%. The iPhone 5S powered on the apple logo and it was stuck there.My theory is that the battery for the 5S had been sitting on the shelf for a long time (yrs maybe) and the voltage dropped below 3.7v. This is important because below a certain voltage, the iPhone circuit will not charge it anymore for safety reason. My fix was to locate the positive and negative on the battery connector and connect them to an external AC/DC adapter giving 4.5 volt. I did this for about 8 minutes while measuring the voltage on the battery. When it was about 3.82 volt I stopped and I connected everything before closing the phone. I then connected a regular Apple power adapter to the lightning connector on the phone and waited 3 minutes. The phone powered up (Apple logo) and after a minute or so, it did one beep before presenting me with the pass code keypad. I logged in and noticed that the battery was around 44%.I strongly believe that the “stuck on the apple logo” after a battery replacement is due to the low voltage of the “new battery” and this can be fixed is you have the right equipment and skills.