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IPX/SPX networking on Vista

IPX/SPX networking on Vista

I have a certain old program that needs to use IPX for networking. It is being used with the Hamachi VPN software (which does support IPX/SPX). I found this site that shows how to get the IPX/SPX protocol on Vista, but for my case it isn't good enough because I also need to be able to change the settings. Is there any other way to get it working on Vista?

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"Currently there aren't any fixes to install a fully function IPX/SPX networking protocol under Vista or Windows 7. The best you can get is the hack you see on that link.

A VM may or may not be a good alternative depending on what you need to do. A good VM is VMWare, but this isn't a free program. You can however install Windows 9x with IPX/SPX support.

A free alternative is going the emulator way with DOSBox. You can now install Windows95 on it and it also includes support for IPX/SPX.

Personally, if I were you I'd go the DOSbox way before considering VMWare. VMWare support for DOS based virtual machines isn't brilliant anyways and DOSBox makes a much better job at emulating a DOS environment with support for different types of hardware. Until recently installing windows 95 with it was a challenge. But not anymore."