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Irssi settings and Bash's Environment variables

Irssi settings and Bash's Environment variables

How can I define settings, such as ircname, nick and such things, in .bashrc for Irssi?

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Guest [Entry]

"The settings for Irssi go in ~/.irssi/config.

However, in general, any Bash environment variable is set in ~/.bashrc like this:

export varname=value

The real question is how do you get Irssi to use those variables?"
Guest [Entry]

"While I can imagine setting alias like:

alias irssi=""irssi -c some.server -n your_nick""

it doesn't make sense. Irssi is very configurable, and it has a proper config file, so why don't you use it?

For example:

Start irssi, issue /network add; /server add; /channel add commands - best if you'd set the server and channel to auto-connect and autojoin.

Then, do /save, and quit irssi.

And then restart irssi, and voila - it will autoconnect everywhere you configured it to.

If you'll have any problems, just consult docs."