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Is a STOP 0x0000009F (DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE) BSOD a sign of hardware trouble? [closed]

Is a STOP 0x0000009F (DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE) BSOD a sign of hardware trouble? [closed]

I've got a Gateway P7811FX that dual-boots Win7 and Vista. It was running great for over a year until a few weeks ago when I got my first-ever BSOD. As the title says, the code was 9F, which when I Googled it seems to mostly happen when changing power states (nope) or when using a Firewire hard drive (also nope).

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Guest [Entry]

"Such a problem can be explained in 2 ways: hardware or software.

However, in your particular case I understand that you never had these problems in Vista, that you didn't touch Vista since, but that the same problem is now occurring in Vista.

It is very important that there were no driver updates to Vista, but that it's now BSODing. As Vista and Win7 have the same driver base, if Windows Update was set to auto-update, then this pollutes my above logic. (please confirm that there weren't.)

For me, this is proof enough that the problem is hardware, enough to activate the warranty.

Just to make sure, you may have a look at the Event Log, run memtest86+, and install some monitoring tools:

GPU-Z will tell you the temperature of the video card
SpeedFan for the CPU
Active@ Hard Disk Monitor for the hard disk."