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Is Displayport preferable to DVI for monitor connections? [closed]

Is Displayport preferable to DVI for monitor connections? [closed]

I'm currently running a single Dell 24" (2408WFP) screen, but am considering adding a second. The problem I've got is that I'm currently using the DVI connector to the on board graphics, so will need to purchase a new graphics card.

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"For your use there is no special advantage to DisplayPort, and in some future where all video cards use DisplayPort, there is an easy adapter for DisplayPort->DVI so your monitor won't be obsolete.

The only advantage DisplayPort would give you right now where if you where running a 30"" or other very high resolution panel, where you could use a single DisplayPort connector instead of two DVI connectors. If you need to play content protected video (i.e. Blueray) you will be far more likely to get compatiblity with HDMI then with DisplayPort, simply because of the rate of adoption.

DisplayPort is mainly positioned against HDMI, and besides the better licencing arrangement, DisplayPort offers a packet based interface instead of HDMI/DVI/VGAs single serial stream of video data. This means a DisplayPort cable can potentially carry several signals at once (for example a webcam built into a monitor wouldn't need a seperate USB cable). It is also of use in eventually reducing the cost of monitors, since it does not require the LCD to have a seperate controller (this makes no difference until all other connectors are dropped from the LCD, so it's mainly laptop LCDs that benefit).

Except for issues with content protected video, or non-sRGB displays, DisplayPort offers no difference in display quality over DVI."
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"I think, DiplayPort is future, but now waste money if you want second LCD.

My recommendation is, buy new graphic card with two DVI ports.

Here is good comparsion for DVI, HDMI, UDI and DisplayPort.

A comparison of next-gen display interfaces"
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"I would personally say, no. I would much rather deal with DVI (and not have to worry about finding cables in a local store) and it's wonderful compatibility with other items than have to deal with a proprietary system fledgling standard like DisplayPort.

Give me VGA/DVI or upgrade me to HDMI. None of this DisplayPort nonsense until the costs actually justify making the switch."